Wednesday, October 31, 2007

oh yeah Trev...take this.

So in my eternal pursuite to one-up my older brother Trever I came up with this. In all honesty you're probably looking at this blog right now because you were looking at his and were curious of who was cool enough to take 2nd place in his links, well its me, his little brother, (Michael Norwood took first, and I am a little bitter about that, but thats for another post). Anyway, Trever started doing this cool thing of taking blurry pictures, so to one-up him I thought I would do the same thing except involve you the readers. Becasue although its cool to look at Trev's blurry pictures, it doesnt offer much entertainment. So here is what I have done, I have taken some "Trever Hoehne esq Blurry Pictures", but added a twist, I need you all to guess what the object right??? Godspeed and good luck.