Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So we are sitting here in Seattle and Trever all the sudden pipes up and says that he found his photo on a popular photography website that features big names in the business. Of course he was nonchalant about it, but we were all very excited. Here is the link FWA PHOTO. Good job Trev.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hi there.
Its been an incredibly busy few months, full of projects, deadlines, but also loaded with inspiration, development and a refreshing new burst of creativity. I hadn't done much design outside of projects I had to do for class or minor jobs scattered here and there, so when I began designing full time it was like a bus ran me over robbing me of all creative ability. Its actually quite funny looking at my first projects and comparing them to my current ones. All this to say that there is something wonderful that happens when you let go of fear and comfort and just go for something uncharted and raw. So a challenge to all who read this thing, whatever you do, be courageous, push the norm and see what happens.
This is an amazing video by a great designer that has some interesting words.