Monday, May 26, 2008

I got hit in the face with some boards.

Well hello everyone,
I know I have been slacking with the whole blogging thing, but oh well, its a blog and its not the most significant part of my life. With that said I do feel obligated to update those who do read this. I started a new job (Read Below), I love it. I have the privilege of being creative every day, so when it comes to down time I like to just relax and thus the lack in photo posts. I have however gotten to shoot a lot of wedding lately, this last Friday Josh and I drove up to Vacaville, CA to shoot Kyle and Malorie's wedding. It was really nice getting up north and it was especially nice getting caught up with Josh. So that was Friday and Saturday, then on Saturday night after the wedding we drove back to Riverside because I had another wedding (Cole and Kim's) on Sunday. We got back to Riverside at 5:45 in the morning, so I slept and got up at 9 to get ready...I was tired. It was a great wedding though, my talented friend Shannen came with me and helped out. All of this brings us to the title of the post...So I was pretty tired on Sunday morning and as I was walking over to the school a man carrying long pieces of wood on his shoulder turned the corner and hit my face with them...It hurt, and I was bleeding a little, but the worst part was that I had to be at a wedding all day with people asking what happened to my face. It was lovely. I took a little photo with my phone this morning, it is much better than yesterday.
I leave for South Asia in a little over two weeks, I am really excited. Trever gets married in not to long, and I am figuring out where I am going to move in July. Its pretty crazy, a lot of change and a lot of processing, but it is good. I like change so its kinda fun living in the midst of so much of it. Thats pretty much it.