Saturday, August 04, 2007

Black and White

The three pictures below were taken during our visit to a refugee camp near the Burundi border. The circumstances these people lived in was unbelievable and heart breaking. Despite their unbearable living conditions these people are resilient, they succeed regardless and find joy, it was inspiring given what we as Americans have, and yet still have no joy. The top picture was taken while playing with some of the children, It was a blast! I just started running and the chased after me. The bottom one was taken while I was surrounded by them. I held my camera over them making them look into the sun resulting in funny expressions. The third was taken while we were in a school building
This picture was taken on one of our home visits. We had an opportunity to work with a ministry that focused on people with aids, they would visit their homes and talk with them and pray with them, it was one of the most humbling things I have ever experienced. This picture is of a boy outside of one of the homes.
The next three pictures were taken at our visit to a prostitute ministry. These women are given alternative ways to make money by making baskets, embroidering, and washing clothes, giving them hope and some of their dignity and self worth back. We visited their work area and got to meet and talk with them and their children.
The next two pictures taken at the Refugee camp. Again playing the children, and then trying to explain the peace sign you can see some of them doing it backwards, not separating their was a difficult task but it turned out well.
This picture was taken at a genocide memorial. I dont even really know what to say about it other than it was hard to see and it was an oppressing feeling.
This picture was taken when we visited the Tula kids. These children were the outcast of society in a way. Children are already looked at poorly but these ones were if possible looked at even lower.
Yes, I know that I am a disgrace to the blogging community because of my lack there of. I apologize, and will attempt to do better about it. These are more pictures from Rwanda that I wanted to have a little fun with by turning them B&W (for those of you who aren't graphic design majors at cbu that stands for Black and White). Please let me know what you think, what you would like to see more of...anything. Enjoy.